All you need to know about Reliance Jio's long term prepaid plans

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Oct 02, 2018, 06:08 PM IST

Reliance Jio has changed the mobile network industry landscape since its launch and gave a good competition to the other telecom networks with its affordable 4G plans. The Jio prepaid plans offer unlimited data, with usage caps only set on high-speed usage. At present, the data offering under different plans varies from 1.5GB per day to 5GB per day along with free unlimited free voice calling within local networks and 100 SMS per day.

Other than the monthly plans RJio also offer long-term plans with free voice calling local as well as national (STD) calls along with 100 SMS per day and the validity and data offerings varies from plan to plan. Let's have a look at the what all Reliance Jio's long-term prepaid plans offer.


Rs 999 plan: With 90 days of validity and 60GB of 4G mobile data usage, this is the most affordable long-term plan offered by Jio. The usage remains unlimited for the validity of the plan also after exhausting the high-speed data, however the speed would be reduced to 64kbps. 

There is no daily limit of the date usage under this plan and the monthly cost of the plan comes to roughly Rs 333. There's is not cap of the data usage per day, the remaining would be available for the validity period.



Rs 1,999 plan: This plans come with a validity of 180 days and comes with high-speed data allowance of 125GB and again there's no daily data usage limit. just like the Rs 999 plan, the monthly cost of this plan is roughly estimated at Rs 333 with an average of 694MB data available to use per day.



Rs 4,999 plan: Offering 350GB of high-speed data usage, the plan comes with a validity period of 360 days. Similar to other plans this plan also comes with no daily usage limit and there's flexibility for data usage. Rs 416 per day is the estimated monthly cost of this plan with an average of 972MB data allowance per day.



Rs 9,999 plan: This is the most expensive long-term plan offered by Reliance Jio with 360 days validity and 750GB of high-speed data usage. Rs 833 per month is the estimated monthly cost of the plan with an average 2.08GB data usage per day.