Radical-looking SUV Tata Nexon AMT turns sweeter, goes clutch-pedal free

May 19, 2018, 03:15 PM IST

Virtually rising from one of its worse lows, Tata Motors has made waves with its radical-looking SUV and then it went ahead and made it even more sweeter by rolling out the Tata Nexon AMT, which means it is clutch-pedal free. This is a blessing for drivers who undergo the agony of constantly having to change gears in slowmoving traffic, especially in cities. What kind of effect has it had on sales? Since Tata Nexon launch, the auto major's market share in the UV segment has quadrupled! This SUV is expected to add to that massively, says DNA. So, what makes the Tata Nexon AMT so special? Find out:


Nexon diesel-AMT with its creep function makes it very easy to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic.


The Multi-Drive modes (Eco, City and Sport) from the manual variant have been carried forward in the Tata Nexon AMT variant.


Tata Nexon AMT has a 1.5-litre, four-cylinder, 110hp diesel engine and that helps it start smoothly and allows seamless shifting of gears. 


For those who like to leave the environment as clean as possible in their wake, can switch the Tata Nexon AMT driving mode to Eco. 


Tata Nexon AMT features includes a segment-first diesel auto. 



Tata Nexon AMT has added a bit of visual appeal with a new colour combo. The Etna Orange body colour with a Sonic Silver roof. However, this is available in the top-end XZA+ variant.


No changes made to Tata Nexon AMT on the inside, and the cabin continues to offer a premium ambience.


As far as the 110hp, three-cylinder turbo-petrol Neon AMT is concerned, then a bit of care needs to be exercised. On pressing accelerator, the car wants to jump.


Tata Nexon AMT petrol responds well with smooth shifts of gears. According to DNA, the difference between the petrol and diesel AMT units is quite drastic, so it's best to stick to diesel.