Polo GT TDI: Used car price to specs, here is all you want to know

Jun 15, 2018, 05:42 PM IST

Polo GT TDI is a quality diesel hatch that strikes a good balance between performance and efficiency. Here is what GT TDI is all about:



Price when new: Rs 8.08 lakh; Used 2013 car - Rs 3.75 lakh; Used 2014 car - Rs 5 lakh



Primarily, it‘s the bump in power. At 106hp, the GT TDI is 16hp above the standard car



You get a decent-sized boot, enough room in the cabin and a sufficient amount of features.The 1.5-litre diesel engine launched with the facelift in 2014 ) develops 105hp and 250Nm of torque.




The GT TDI went through a minor facelift in 2014 that saw some changes. Its headlamp clusters were revised, black spoiler and aesthetic additions like chrome bits were added



Shift the five-speed manual gearbox fast enough and you get a 0-100kph time of just 11.52sec.



Also, the Polo GT TDI is a fairly inexpensive car to own. Why? 
-A regular service every 15,000km will cost you Rs 10-000-15,000.



-In terms of efficiency, the GT TDI returns an average of 14-15kpl with a mix run of city and highway.



In a nutshell, GT TDI is an all-round package with more power and features on offer. 

Text: By Jay Patil/DNA/Zeegnition