Blockchain network: Disruptive in auto sector

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Dec 24, 2018, 04:13 PM IST

54% of automobile pioneers will implement their first commercial blockchain network at scale within next three years, said a study by IBM Institute for Business Value.

As blockchain networks begin to engage and integrate with business networks, opportunities to provide new services and generate new revenue streams will emerge, said the study, which surveyed 1,314 automative executives across 110 countries. The key points of survey are:


62% executives say blockchain technoloy to disrupt automative industry in three years. Image source: Reuters




54% expect new business models to influence investments in blockchain. Image source: Reuters



52% original equipment manufacturers felt information risks can be improved. Image source: Reuters



55% OEMS say blockchain implementation to improve imperfect information in their business networks. Image source: Reuters


42% OEMS say blockchain can overcome regulatory constrains. Image source: Reuters


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