Audi AI:ME showcased at Shanghai Auto Show - Here is what's special in this 'city car of future'

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Apr 24, 2019, 02:46 PM IST

German automobile manufacturer Audi showcased its visionary mobility concept for the megacities of the future at Auto Shanghai 2019. The showcar termed as Audi AI:ME offers compact dimensions, a spacious, futuristic interior, and the ability to drive autonomously at level 4, according to the company website, adding that Audi AI:ME allows the occupants to do what they like with their time on board. The vehicle offers a broad range of high-tech features for communication, entertainment, or simply relaxation. Further details related to the futuristic vehicle were given on the Audi's website.


Audi AI:ME's body line demonstrates how emotion and spatial economy can form a perfect synthesis in an electrically driven compact car. With an exterior length of 4.30 meters (14.1 ft) and a width of 1,90 meters (6.2 ft), the Audi AI:ME takes up as much traffic space as a present-day compact car. Image source:


With the wheelbase of 2.77 meters (3 ft) and the height of 1.52 meters (5 ft), the electric vehicle will offers a maximum amount of objectively available space, spatial comfort, and a great deal of variability. Image source:


The Audi AI:ME is designed as a 2 plus-x-seater, and its layout relies on a variety of configurations for seat positions and stowage space. While only the individual seats at the front will be used during most journeys, the car offers space for up to four people in the front and on the rear bench if necessary. Image source:


The Audi AI:ME is designed for use in the city and for driving at what is known as level 4. Although systems with level 4 do not require any assistance on the part of the driver, their function is limited to a specific area—such as highways or a specially equipped area in inner cities. In these places, the driver can completely transfer the task of driving to the system. The driver needs to resume the task only when the car leaves the area defined for fully automated driving. The Audi AI:ME is therefore equipped with the traditional steering wheel and pedalry control elements in addition. Image source:


The Audi AI:ME features large areas both on the cockpit cover and between the front seats that conceal a further innovative detail: Magnets serve as cup holders and hold metal cups or plates in place as required. Occupants can enjoy a relaxed meal while riding in the automated Audi AI:ME. Image source:


The Audi AI:ME's  front seats are inspired by the classic lounge chair and feature a wide, comfortably cushioned seat, upholstered with textile material in warm shades of gray. The backrests are designed as curved shells that are attached to the seat cushion only with a vertical carrier. Image source:


The communication and interaction systems of the Audi AI:ME are operated by means of eye tracking, voice input, and touch-sensitive fields in the door rail. They are positioned perfectly in terms of ergonomics and are normally integrated into the surface, making them invisible. Image source:


The occupants of the Audi AI:ME experience the interior not simply as a means of transport, but as a luxurious atmosphere with numerous high-tech features. The high-quality audio system is coupled with noise compensation that can completely suppress the outside noise level by means of active noise control, allowing occupants to enjoy meditative silence or listen to music in concert-hall quality in the Audi AI:ME. Image source: